Lifeguards quit jobs closing pool


even lifeguards from the Shores swimming pool have quit citing a hostile work environment.

Signs were posted on the gates to the pool that the facility was closed due to a shortage of guards.

A large sign across the tailgate of a nearby truck says the pool was closed due to "bad management" and said a meeting was to take place at the pool July 3, 2012 at 7pm.

One of the guards, wishing to remain anonymous, said that management has used foul language and yelled at on duty guards while members where present.

Other members of the Shores Homeowners Association have cited that the pool open late this summer and within weeks employees who have worked there for years have quit.

While memberships to the pool are open to the public, the Shores Homeowners Associates have dealt with membership drop offs.

SHA presidency and management of the Shores pool have changed to Marlin Graham. Graham has not returned any calls for comment.

The Shores community swimming pool is located at 5211 Emory Court. More information can be obtained 352-0378