License reader installed in APD parking enforcement vehicle

If drivers have any unpaid parking tickets in Amarillo, they should be paid by Oct.15.

Whether it's 30 minutes, one hour or two, if a driver has six or more parking violations and the driver's vehicle is spotted downtown by the Amarillo Police Department (APD) parking enforcement vehicle; APD is now allowed to have the vehicle towed until the parking violations are paid or cleared.

APD Sergeant said, "What we're dealing with is vehicles that have six or more violations, and that the judge has issued an order that says impound this vehicle if you see it again."

Although the ordinance has been in place for years allowing the parking enforcement officer to ticket drivers who violate timed parking, it has a new catch and this is how it works.

"If that vehicle drives by a car that has six or more outstanding violations and there's an impound order on it, the driver of the vehicle, the parking enforcement office, will then stop and start the process of impoundment," Barbee said.

From there a peace officer must also be called to the location to confirm the information before the vehicle can be taken.

Pronews seven spoke to some drivers to get their initial reaction.

Driver Tessa Bibrey said, "There's other ways to handle it than taking your vehicle."

"I think it's crazy. What if you walk out and your car is gone, do you call the cops and report it stolen? I mean how do you find out where your car is?," Driver Lacy Williamson said.

Barbee said it's the most practical way to find drivers who have outstanding parking violations.

"It's a lot easier, it's a lot faster, a lot safer, a lot more convenient and safer to let the computer read and record where it is," Barbee said.