Liberty Bell chimes in Tribute

Amarillo lost a hero on Monday. Dr. Matthew Houseal was killed May 11 at Camp Liberty in Iraq, allegedly in a shooting spree staged by a fellow solider.

Houseal was an Amarillo doctor who had volunteered to serve in Irag, using his skills in psychiatry to help soldiers. When Pronews 7 talked with some of Dr. Houseal's co-workers today, one of them described him as "noble man," one who took the time to listen to his patients.

A replica of the Liberty Bell used this somber occasion to remember the life of Dr. Houseal, not far from the Veterans Administration Hospital. History says that the bell is rung seven times, signifying the the end of soldier's duty here on earth. For those seven ringing of the bells, Pronews 7 found out these seven things about this hero.

He was from Amarillo.

He was a husband.

He was a father of six.

He was a deeply committed doctor.

He was a solider.

He was serving our country.

He died protecting our life, liberty and our pursuit of happiness.

He is all of these things, and he is a fallen hero who left behind a family. David Hall, the keeper of the Liberty Bell replica, said he was crushed when he heard the news. Hall said, "It was a great sacrifice he gave for us. He was a volunteer, he didn't even have to go."

We at Pronews 7 know words can't describe what Dr. Houseal's family is feeling, but the Liberty Bell serves a reminder to all families. Each time those seven chimes are heard, someone's family member gave all to let freedom ring.

Our thoughts are with his family.