Letter to God lands in woman's backyard, inspires her to help

Carol Marshall was inspired to help a young girl and her family when the girl's letter to God landed in her backyard.

CNN -- When a little girl's message to God landed in a woman's backyard, it inspired her to go to great lengths to answer the message.

Carol Marshall of Arizona said she looked over and saw something hanging from the palm tree in her yard.

It turned out to be a balloon with a rolled up heartfelt letter tied to it with ribbon.

The girl's name is Sofia, and she thanks God for giving her life, but asks for help for their family. Specifically, the letter asked for protection for her mom, who is doing what she can to provide for the family.

Marshall said she felt a bond with the girl almost immediately hoping somehow that she could find the child and help out.

"I tend to be somebody who wants to kinda save all the lost puppies," Marshall said, "so I automatically thought it would be great to do something nice for this young girl and her family."

The letter seems to indicate that Sofia is 8-11 years old, and likely goes to elementary school in the Gilbert, Chandler or Queen Creek area.

"To me it goes a bit deeper with showing her that people actually work through God and are going to help Him for her."