Legislators: overall session successful

Our State Legislators say the regular session this year yielded two important victories.

Representative Four Price of Amarillo says, "the priorities we set going into the session were all accomplished by and large with respect to funding the stateâ??s water planning.

In fact, it was Senator Kel Seligerâ??s bill that created the template. "To put money in the water infrastructure fund was my resolution. It became a little broader. It went from 1.6 billion to 2 billion."

In November Texans will be able to vote for a Constitutional amendment to fund the water projects.

Also, education was funded. Price says, "We were able to focus on public education and fully fund enrollment growth."

Of course, at the end of the First Special Session, the contentious issue of abortion resulted in the filibuster by Ft. Worth Democrat Wendy Davis and subsequent disarray.

When asked if Lt. Governor David Dewhurst had handled the proceedings appropriately, Seliger says he did. "Nobody anticipated the fact that the crowd, whoâ??d really been polite all day long, would at the end of the day make things so loud and unruly that we couldnâ??t vote. Nobody anticipated members of the House of Representatives coming to the Senate Floor and participating in the protest."

None of the Legislators anticipate the same problems in the Second Special Session.