Legality of Goody's Foundation motorcycle raffle in question

The Amarillo-based Goodyâ??s foundation non-profit status has not been confirmed, even though they are actively selling raffle tickets for an Orange County Chopper motorcycle. The raffle, which was supposed to benefit a number of veteranâ??s causes, has been postponed until August.

David Goodwin, the President of the Goodyâ??s foundation, told Pronews 7 that heâ??s out on the road actively selling raffle tickets to benefit the troops. The original sponsor of this raffle, Jack Barnes of the American Fallen Warriors Veteranâ??s Memorial Foundation, said that Goodyâ??s may not be a legitimate non-profit organization.

Pronews 7 first told you about the Goodyâ??s foundation selling raffle tickets for an Orange County Chopper to benefit the American Fallen Warriors Veteranâ??s memorial. This relationship with this organization quickly broke down after the custom build of the motorcycle was featured on the show Orange County Choppers.

â??We want to know where the motorcycle is and when the drawing will be,â?? said Jack Barnes. â??The drawing was supposed to occur on May 31st and we paid Mr. Goodwin 60,000 dollars.â??

Jack Barnes of the American Fallen Warriors Veteranâ??s Memorial Foundation admits that David Goodwin never did sign an agreement, and that they wrote a check to Orange County Choppers for the motorcycle in good faith.

Taylor Doss of Goodyâ??s Popcorn of Lubbock, which is a separate business and is not affiliated with David Goodwin, said that not having a written agreement between Mr. Goodwin and Mr. Barnes has caused a great deal of problems

â??I would never fork over $60,000 if I didnâ??t know if everything was set in stone in writing; thatâ??s a bad situation,â?? said Taylor Doss.

The bike was displayed at Goodyâ??s World Famous Popcorn at Westgate Mall in Amarillo until it was closed for non-payment of sales tax. The Doss family, who owns Goodyâ??s popcorn in Lubbock, said that they got caught up in Mr. Goodwinâ??s tax seizure.

â??We had a gentleman from the sales tax enforcement office here in Lubbock walked into our store and handed a piece of paper to me and said Iâ??m here to seize your assets,â?? said Dawn Doss.

The authorities later cleared the Doss family after they realized they were a separate business. Soon after Goodyâ??s of Amarillo was forced shut, David Goodwin left town.

When doing research for this story, Pronews 7 encountered difficulty getting in touch with him. He later reached out to us when we tweeted about this investigation. Over Facebook chat, he told Pronews 7 that Goodyâ??s Foundation is separate from his retail business. He also added that the foundation is a 501c3, or a non-profit organization, but he was unable to produce the documentation to verify this claim before this report aired.

You have to apply with the IRS for the 501c3 status which makes you a legal 501c3 organization, and I donâ??t know for a fact that he has that status, and that is a big question that needs to be answered by Mr. Goodwin,â?? said Jack Barnes.

According to a letter given to Pronews 7 by the attorney for American Fallen Warrior Memorial Foundation, who has pursued legal action against David Goodwin, the Goodyâ??s Foundation appears to be in violation of Texas state law because they are not a qualified organization. One requirement they clearly donâ??t meet is having been in existence for three years. The documents provided by Mr. Goodwin show that the non-profit organization was founded just last year.