Layaway being offered from major retailers

Layaway programs are starting up amongst major retailers. 108 days and counting until Christmas.

Once we get into the months that end in "R", you can bet thoughts turn to the holidays and shopping.

That old pay as you buy "layaway" plan is once again popular this year. Some of the big retailers are offering up extra incentives...saving you even more money. Everyone's looking for deals and saving money as we unofficially start the holiday season while still getting presents under the tree.

Some of the major retailers like Sears and Wal-mart are offering up layaway, and Wal-Mart has dropped it's fees from 15 dollars down to 5 dollars for their program.

At Toys R us, if you start shopping now through Halloween, and put something back on layaway, their 10 dollar fee from last year is waived, according to manager Gail Buchanan.

"Come in and put something on layaway, due by December 16th, and we're offering no service charge to put it in layaway through Halloween...It's a way offer people more flexible payments and not have that extra cost to do it."

Stretching out the payments also helps people stretch out dollars which are still tight, and offering up payment options is a way for stores like Toys R Us to boost their sales while meeting the needs of their customers.

"We've had a lot of people take advantage of it and they know what they're going to get for Christmas, but this helps them and they don't have to worry about it and beats the rush a little bit. We had it last year but not for free, and it was very successful last year, so if we can help people out and make kids have a better Christmas, that's what we're here for, we're here for the kids," added Buchanan.

And if you have a change of heart, most of the big stores will refund your money and only charge a small fee if any, but most have waived that charge as well.

And Buchanan tells us another perk to using layaway through their cut-off date of December sixteenth is -- the item gets to stay at the store, far from any snooping. By the way--only 108 days until christmas.