Law enforcement to be watching for drunk drivers

Local law enforcement will be observing heightened patrols tonight and through New Yearâ??s Day.ã??

The Amarillo Police Departmentâ??s DUI patrol will be in random locations across town. The Department of Public Safety will also be continuing their DWI patrols.ã??

Jerry Neufeld of the Amarillo Police Department said revelers should remember not to drink and drive and to appoint a designated driver if necessary. He also said alternative transportation is available.ã??

Many taxi companies are gearing up for one of their busiest nights. Jack Jewett of Jack and Sonâ??s, Family Taxi said, "Weâ??ve got seven cabs. Weâ??ve got our best drivers. All of management is going to be out tonight and weâ??re going to do our very best to serve the public."ã??

Jimmy Johnson of Royal Limo Service said heâ??ll be especially prepared for the icy roads predicted for later New Yearâ??s Eve night.ã??

TX-Dot said to be especially careful on bridges and overpasses.