Last-minute shoppers flock to mall

M onths of planning, saving and shopping did not keep people from hitting up the mall one last time before Christmas Day.

According to Westgate Mall General Manager Brian Giffin, mall employees expect the last-minute customers and prepare for their Christmas Eve business.

"That's why we're here on Christmas Eve," Giffin said, "to take care of all those folks. Maybe some folks just need to come out and get a last-minute gift."

The mall being open on Christmas Eve is good for shoppers who forgot to purchase that one gift, but that means store employees have to be on the clock.

"I'd rather just stay home and spend time with my little girl and family," SpaWhite Express Employee Manuel Chavez said, "and do a little bit more Christmas shopping."

Still, Giffin feels being open on Christmas Eve is beneficial.

"This time of year, we're very, very busy," he said. "The sales levels that we're seeing- November, December- certainly justify the expenses the stores incur."