Last day of freedom, Children head back to school

It's the last day of freedom before the school bell rings and it's time to head to classes.

For some it is a day of gloom and depression, while for others a day full of excitement and anticipation...The last day of summer break.

Sunday, August 25, 2013 morning was a quiet one, as many people attended church or slept in before the early morning wake up calls for school begin.

I stopped in at WTAMU to see who might be making last minute move-ins to the dorms and to find out what college students were ready for school. One freshman said she is very excited to be starting this next chapter in her life because it is something new and the start to her future.

"I'm looking forward to my psychology classes and especially my IDS class, which is like a new freshman class they're having this year and I'm just really excited to meet my professors and just get acquainted," said WT Freshman Anna Quinones "I'm really excited to be a buff. There are a lot of schools I could've picked from and I'm really glad I chose this one."

Other college students may not have been as giddy about heading to classes Monday, August 26, 2013, but many elementary and high school students seemed to be looking forward to starting in new grades.

But enough talk about getting back to the books, I had to find out how people were celebrating their last day of freedom. Lots of families spent the day hanging out and getting last minute school supplies.

"We came in from Oklahoma City to visit our cousins before they go back to school," said Rylee Goetzinger "My cousin, Ashlee Rose is starting high school and my older cousin's starting college, so we wanted to spend some quality time with them before they go."

Some students had lots to share about what they are most looking forward to in the school year.

"Today we're school clothes shopping at the mall, but I'm excited about going to school for playing on the playground!" said Kynlee Soto.

Kynlee's little sister, Chastyn is looking forward to seeing her friends again.

Chastyn said, "I like learning my letters. I'm going into Kindergarten."

Kynlee enjoys learning about science and electricity.

Both kids and adults alike seemed pretty happy about the school year starting up.

Alfredo and his daughter, Clarice Guzman have enjoyed spending the summer playing and decided to finish it with fun family time.

"I'm excited to go back to school so I can learn more," said Clarice

"It's gonna be fun getting the kids out of the house and getting back into the routine, but it's been a good long summer," said Alfredo "I'm ready to stay inside in the air conditioning."

The Guzman's had quite the day planned to celebrate the end of summer.

"We are enjoying a bike ride this morning and I think we are probably going to head to the park later on, maybe going out to eat. We're really just kind of capping off the summer," said Alfredo.

With school starting early tomorrow morning, watch out for children walking to and from bus stops and school.

According to DPS the most dangerous time for children is when they are entering or exiting the bus.

State law requires drivers to stop when a bus is stopped and operating. Drivers who illegally pass buses will face higher fines beginning September 1, 2013.