Largest Baptist state convention takes place in Amarillo

The Baptist General Convention of Texas is taking place in Amarillo this week for the sixth time since 1947.

The event is the largest Baptist state convention in the world. More than 5,700 Baptist churches from across Texas are represented at the convention hosted at the Amarillo Civic Center. Thousands of church representatives and members attend the convention, which provides excessive networking and helps expand the reach of the convention's ministry.

"The churches come together, we make some business decisions," Texas Baptist Roy Cotton said. "There will be a person elected as president and other officers will be elected. The budget is adopted for the year."

Dinners and luncheons will be held to honor churches and individuals for the ministry work they have done.

Convention participants will also have the opportunity to serve food to the needy, help with a field day for kids, paint and landscape, collect shoes for young people and read to underprivileged children.

"They're going to gain a passion for mission or a vision that enhances the vision of their church because churches are connecting here," Cotton said.

The convention is expected to bring in more than $41 million in revenue. Percentages of the profits will be dedicated to different areas: 49 percent for evangelism and mission work, 27 percent for education and discipleship, 14 percent for administration costs and ten percent for advocacy and care objectives.

"We believe that Jesus has sent us into all the world," stated Cotton. "This is our Jerusalem, this is our Judea, our Samaria working with people from other people groups and around the world."

The Amarillo Chamber of Commerce said the thousands of people attending the convention will help boost Amarillo's economy, as they are expected to spend around $1.4 million during their stay.