Large fire burns NE of Amarillo

Photo Credit: Tony Coombes - Pronews 7

Pronews 7 Developing Story Update 3:45p Pronews 7 has confirmed the fire is close to being under control. It is being considered contained.

FIRST reported by Pronews 7 A large fire is now burning northeast of the city of Amarillo.

According to scanner traffic, the fire is burning near the intersection of Webb Road and FM 1912. Scanner traffic also indicated residents in the Folsom area could possibly need to prepare to evacuate.

Current winds in the area are coming out of the northeast at 15-25 mph. Gusts of up to 35mph are possible as the wind blows toward town from the fire.

Cars and trucks are being allowed to pass through the area, but school buses from Highland Park ISD are not being allowed through. Pronews 7 has a pending call with the district.

Pronews 7 has a crew at the scene and will update with more information as it becomes available.