Landscapers see business increase from recent rainfall

After the recent increase in rain, local Amarillo landscapers said they have been seeing an increase in business.

Dave Mitchell with Mitchell Landscape said he's been getting more calls than usual.

"Obviously because of the recent rainfall, the weeds have been coming out like crazy," Mitchell said.

He says both current and new customers are calling for extra maintenence.

"The rain is causing all the growth, and new ones are coming up because of the rest of the moisture," Mitchell said.

According to a City Ordinance, property owners must take measures to control "excess vegetation" on their lawns.

If the property owner will get a violation if the excess vegetation stands at an excess of eight inches. If the property owner fails to fix the violation, then the city will take matters into their own hands.

"We'll send a contracter out there on our behalf for you, and along with that will come a bill," City Community Relations Director Sonja Gross said.

The Texas Department of Transportation , or TXDOT, has control of maintenence on state roads.

"What we are concerned about is what is on state roads, and we have the responsibility of maintaining that, not the city," TXDOT's public information officer Paul Braun said.

Braun said the department sold off some mowers along with other machinery to save some money.

They now hire contracted landscapers to take care of the maintenence of 17 counties.

"It's more cost effective. We are now able to contract lawscapers while our other employees can fix other road issues,".

The city and residents ,however, can call in if they feel there is excessive vegetation that poses a risk.

"If there is a situation where a person can't see around something, then they can give us a call and we will immediatley send one of our guys out there," Braun said.

TXDOT said they get three annual mows for each fiscal year. This will be their third mow of the last fiscal year.

The landscapers began 10 days ago. They are currently working on Harley County, Carson County, and Gray County.

Braun says they plan to mow Potter County and Randall County on Monday.