Lamar Elementary students paint rocks with positive messages

Different examples of the rocks painted by students at Lamar Elementary School (ABC 7 Amarillo - Steve Douglass)

Students at Lamar Elementary School are sending good vibes to the community by painting rocks with positive messages.

Fifth-grade reading teacher Juli Thrall said the rocks were donated to the school and the students were able to pick out which rock they wanted to decorate and decide on a saying or picture they wanted to create.

Fifth-grader Ava Boone said she painted the saying 'worry less and giggle more'.

"Every year we have the STAAR test and we always make inspirational posters," Boone said, "and one of them said that and I thought that would be cool to put on a rock.”

Fifth-grader Yousef Dardaow said he painted 'you are enough', so whoever stumbled upon his rock would feel some love and know that everyone will always like them.

Thrall said one thing the teachers like to focus on is having a positive attitude because if it starts with the teachers, it will trickle down to the students. She tells ABC 7 News she hopes the students will go home and spread those positive vibes with their families.

"And in today’s world and culture, every little bit of positivity helps," Thrall said.

Over 50 rocks were painted by the students. Once completed, they were placed at different locations across Amarillo in hopes of putting a smile on many faces. Thrall said folks who find the rocks are encouraged to post a picture with the rock on the school's Twitter and then re-hide them. The Twitter account is called @lamarcowboys.

“What we really want is those who find the rocks to read the bottom line that says ‘sending good vibes’", Thrall said. "We just want good vibes all over Amarillo.”

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