Lake Meredith gets cleaned

As water levels at Lake Meredith fall, thereâ??s a new opportunity to clean the Lake.

Teenagers who have been hired by the National Park Service are part of the Summer Youth Work Program.

Seven started their new jobs Monday but four are actually maintaining the Lake.

That means picking up trash that has been left on beaches by receding water.

Some of the trash is old.

Linda McKinney, of the Park Service, says lawn mowers, chairs, washing machines, car parts and propellers have been found.ã?? She believes some people have dumped their trash at the Lake over the years.ã?? She knows some of the trash is old because, she says, "there are dates on them. Built in 1969, but itâ??s rusted. But you can see dates. And the bottles, beer cans, the different lips."

Creed Brooks and Joel Pyle are new workers. Theyâ??ve visited the Lake many times. Now they say they like to give back and try to keep it clean.

The National Park Service hopes the kids will be a positive influence to their peers and hope the kids will consider careers in the park service later.