Lake Meredith continues to drop; new signs posted

Lake Meredith

D espite all the rain the area has received this month the level at Lake Meredith continues to fall, setting record lows.

Officials at the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority say the rain just hasn't been in the right spots to make a difference in the lake, and that means the level continues to drop.

The new record low is 43.9 feet. If it dips to 42 feet, the low level pumps will have to be activated to ensure a continuous flow of water to cities across the Panhandle. The lake is dropping on average half an inch every other day.

Due to those dropping levels, park officials are asking visitors to pay attention to the no motor vehicles signs posted at Harbor Bay and Cedar Canyon. The mud flats and wetland areas are expanding and drying out and may be inviting to drive on but officials say don't do it. The lake bottom wetlands provide habitat for numerous plants and animals. In order to protect this habitat, park visitors are reminded to observe the No Motor Vehicles signs and drive only where they are permitted.

It is also important to remember that the recently exposed lake bottom is unstable to drive on and many vehicles become stuck in the mud. If a vehicle becomes stuck in an area where driving is allowed, the driver has 24 hours to remove it before it is considered abandoned and removed by a local tow company at the vehicle owners expense. If drivers get stuck beyond the signs, the vehicle will be immediately towed out by a local tow company at the vehicle owners expense, and the driver may be issued a citation.