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      Ladies: Keep an eye on your eye health

      Our vision may seem a little blurry with age. H owever, doctors have a very clear message.

      F or those who have not had an eye exam, just realize that there are a lot of eye diseases out there and virtually all of them can be slowed or some even prevented if we do an annual eye exam and pick those conditions up.

      A ccording to a recent study by the group Prevent Blindness America, women, more often than men, have leading eye diseases and conditions that threaten their vision.

      I n fact, females are more likely to be visually impaired or blind.

      P revent Blindness America wants to educate women of this fact, although they stress the importance of baseline exams for everyone at age forty.

      H ere are some other things all people can do as they age to protect their vision.

      * follow a healthy diet- include dark, leafy greens.

      * don't smoke

      * always protect your eyes from u-v rays

      * make your doctor aware of any family history of eye disease.

      T hey say good health is important to maintaining good vision.