Labor Departmentâ??s numbers indicate job openings have reached a five year high

The number of job openings in October was 3.93 million, the highest they've been in five years, according to the U.S. Labor Department.

Here in Amarillo, the numbers are looking promising as well.

"The number that the Texas Workforce Commission released was 129,479 [jobs] for the month of October. That's the highest number I've seen on any of these reports," said Trent Morris, Texas Workforce Solutions.

Wages are also up five percent according to the Texas Workforce Commission.

In Amarillo and the surrounding areas, there are specific industries that are hiring more people.

Braden Black, CEO of Skilled Trades said oil and gas industries are two areas that are hiring. Healthcare, accounting and administrative work also have many positions available.

More jobs mean more opportunities for job seekers. This also means more work for staffing companies.

"In a good economy, or in a tight market like this, you usually start having more order than we have workers," said Black.

However, the positive job market doesn't necessarily mean everyone is able to find a job.

Black said matching a person's specific skills with a job is often difficult.