Labor Day? Forget barbeque -- let's shop!

"I slept in today", said Katie Cox, Tascosa High School senior, as she explained how she was enjoying her Labor Day out of school.

T hat's just one of the perks of having Labor Day off from work and out of school.

A nother Labor Day favorite? Sales at the stores!

"We're going here, we're going around to other stores. Toys-R-Us is having a really good sale and we're going there and just out having fun", said local Amarillo shopper, Amanda Baird.

Shoppers in Amarillo definitely had their pick Monday as far as shopping where the sales were -- JC Penney's, Kohl's and Toys-R-Us just to name a few. Even the people at boutiques like Dustee's Fashion Accessories and Jewelry said long weekends, like the Labor Day weekend, are the perfect time to have a sale.

"School is out for the day and people coming in from out of town and we get a lot of those customers that are coming in to visit with family. We'll try to have some kind of sale on holiday weekends, long weekends", said manager of Dustee's Fashion Accessories, Cindy Burnett.

Traveling shoppers told us that was something happening all across the state.

"We were in Dallas over the weekend and lots of people were out for the sales", added Baird.

But at the end of the day, it didn't matter how you spent it...just as long as you weren't 'laboring'.

"It's a good day to take advantage of because you're not working, you have t he day off to kind of do whatever and you can do something fun", continued Cox.

As of midnight on Labor Day, white will not longer be the color to wear according the old post-Labor Day rule.

But, since it's been so hot lately, we (and probably even most fashionistas) won't nab you if you do.