KVII helps with emergency study on area flooding

Flooding at 45th and Coulter on July 7

July 7th, 2010, is a day that meteorologists and emergency officials will remember -- that's the day a storm dumped more than 11 i nches of rain near Highland Park school and flooded the Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport's basement.

All in all, more than five weather records were broken that night, along with 32 water rescues as streets and buildings were heavily damaged.

By studying this storm, the city's emergency management organization can see how things unfolded from their standpoint and how to improve things.

" We can compare it to other events...and if we're unfortunate to get other flooding events and look at it and see what else we can do as a city and go from there , " said Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator, Dr. Maribel Martinez.

Emergency management personnel relied on the National Weather Service and KVII's school net site and Steve Kersh to help compile the information in their study.