Kindergarten students first day of school

The first day of the new school year has come and gone. For kindergarten students Monday was a whole new experience.

But it wasn't just the students feeling a flood of emotions, but mom and dad as well.

The day started like dozens in the area, early, with a new routine of getting kids ready for school. For Lillea Salazar, she made sure her supplies in her brand new backpack were ready to go. Her nerves, were jittery as she readied for her first day in a classroom setting at Sleepy Hollow Elementary.

"Are you still nervous?," asked John Salazar, Lillea's Father. "A little," said Lilliea. She is like many kindergarten students, nervous about the unknown, the fear of making new friends.

"Schools pretty fun," said Lillea. "You're going to make new friends?", asked Leasa Salazar, Lillea's Mother. "Yeah, I'll do that," said Lillea.

For parents, watching their babies grow up and start a new chapter also brings up a lot of emotions. Will Adam's mother says she feels that way. Will is the youngest of three.

"It's bitter sweet. I'm excited to see his progress as he gets older. The bitter sweet part is he's my last baby and he's getting older," said Monica Kuhn, Will Adam's Mother.

"I blinked and she was, weighing three pounds and was in my hand so I'm having a hard time dealing with the fact that she's a big girl and leaving her here all day everyday," said Leasa.

Looking ahead to the end of the school both Monica and Leasa have big plans for their children and themselves.

"We're excited to throw ourselves into it. We're going to join the PTA and we're going to sign up to be a room mother and we want to do the class parties," said Leasa.

"I'm excited to watch Will as he matures and see the little man he's going to become. His personality and the friends he chooses, and his favorite subjects and hobbies and activities he enjoys," said Monica.

Then the moment came to leave.

"A little bit nervous actually, she said she was a little bit nervous right before I walked out so now I'm a bit scared about leaving her. But I think she's going to do great. I just need to rip off the band-aid and get out of here," said Leasa.

Here's an interesting side note. Will and Lillea were both born prematurely and in the NICU together. They have grown up together and they're in the same classroom, and sit right next to each other.