Kidsfest makes school supplies shopping fun and free

It's almost time for school to start and that means it's also time to get school supplies.

For families pinching their pennies, the cost of those supplies can add up, but that's where Kidsfest comes in, helping lessen that burden.

Thousands of children and their families filled the Civic Center Saturday, August 3, 2013, to pick up a free bag of school supplies. Kidsfest is made up of several local businesses who work together to provide around 6,500 bags for students with a basic set of school supplies.

"School supplies can get really pricey when you're buying for more than one and so this is a way that they can get just a basic set of school supplies." said Kidsfest representative, Denise Blanchard "It's not going to be everything that they need, but it's a basic pack to build on."

Blanchard said the kids also receive a free little backpack to carry their supplies.

"It's important that we have our kids ready to learn." said Blanchard.

Fifth grader and math whiz, Jezebel Bramblet gave our news crew an inside look on what supplies she received.

"The notebook and pencil will help me so I can write down my notes." said Bramblet "We also got glue and crayons so we can color and glue things together."

Besides supplies, kids were also able to get their vaccinations at a low cost. Parents said it makes getting ready for the new school year much easier.

"I think that it helps the kids and I don't have to focus so much on the school supplies." said Mom, Amber Hunter "I can focus on other things that they need like school clothes and shoes and everything else that they need."

Families were also able to have a little fun as well, visiting booths, enjoying snacks, and participating in other kid friendly activities. Blanchard said it adds a little fun to the thought of returning to the classroom.

"I love this event, but I think what I love most is when a parent or a child looks at you and says thank you." said Blanchard "That's when you know it's a good thing."

Knowing how important an education is, Bramblet said she is very thankful for her school supplies.

"It's good to have supplies so I can learn!" said Bramblet.