Kids take over Westgate Mall as business people

For kids like Bradley Lancaster, it was a day he was no longer just a kid but also a businessman. Kids from ages 6 to 15 were able to show off their business savvy skills and set up their own stores in the Westgate Mall Saturday for the Kids in Business event.

â??These kids have been working so hard on their products this year,â?? said Marketing Assistant Abby Holcomb. â??Itâ??s just a way for them to sell their products and to make a little money and to learn how to run a business.â??

While these entrepreneurs may be young, they were very serious about their businesses and had to go through a process in order to be selected for the opportunity.

â??They had to go through an interview process about a month ago and we had an orientation,â?? said Holcomb. â??Theyâ??ve just been so excited and so receptive and so cooperative and professional so weâ??ve been really impressed.â??

Between setting up shop and drawing people in, these kids got a taste of the business world and itâ??s something they say they enjoyed.

â??I feel good meeting new people and talking to them and making them happy with goods,â?? said Weston Hart.

â??It feels pretty great,â?? said Pebbles Guest. â??Iâ??m pretty sure we all feel pretty independent out here. And itâ??s just us selling and the adults really donâ??t have to pay anything.â??

Each kid was able to keep the money they made from selling their products and it seems they already have plans for how theyâ??re going to spend it.

Guest along with other Girls Scout members plan on spending their earnings on a trip to Paris and London.

Lancaster plans on giving his earning to the poor and also buying himself an X-box.

Hart wants to save up so he can buy a Lego house that he has had his eyes on.

â??We plan on saving them until we need it because thereâ??s a Lego house I want to buy and itâ??s a little too much for what I have,â?? said Hart.

But with the crowds of shoppers these kids should be able to meet their goals.

For more information on Westgate Mallâ??s Kids in Business, call (806) 358-7221 ext. 104