Kids Inc. Food Bowl collects donations for the High Plains Food Bank

The Kids Inc. football stars brought their best Saturday out to Kimbrough Stadium for the annual Food Bowl games.

"We've been doing this for 10 years; we decided to name it the 'Food Bowl' because we thought that thanksgiving time, we know the food bank is looking for additional supply this time of year," said Jimmy Lackey Kids Inc. Pres./CEO. "We have a great relationship with Zack Wilson and Broc Carter and all of the folks over there and so it's a fun thing for us to get together and give back to the community."

Kids Inc. along with their sponsor for the bowl, BlueCross BlueShield, asked those attending to bring in one can of food or pay 1 dollar which benefits the High Plains Food Bank.

Kids Inc. says at the end of the day, this event is all for the boys.

"Our boys are really excited to be here, we think Kids Inc. does a great job, and we're just excited to be a part of it," said Canyon Intermediate Coach. "You know the boys; really since 4 grade have been looking forward to this game and this game alone. All the work that they've put in for 3 years, to be able to come out here and play on this awesome field is just really exciting for them."

Players from around the area faced off in 11 ball games, and developed a bond.

"These boys are going to be competing all the way through high school, and for them to start out really at a flag football with Kids Inc. and to grow up through 6 grade and before they go into Jr. High, they're going to develop friendship and who knows, one day, they may be out there with those kids playing for WT," said Canyon Intermediate Coach.

The food bowl has become an annual event that wouldn't be possible without the contributions of BlueCross, BlueShield and without the families who support the organization.

"We're appreciative of folks being a part of our program, not just our football program, but also all of our programs," said Lackey. "Kids Inc. has been around for a long, long time and we work hard to make sure we try to do what's best for kids at all times."

According to Lackey, the BCBS Food Bowl has collected near 3,000 pounds of cans and around 1,000 dollars cash for the High Plains Food Bank.