Khiva Shrine holds "Vegas Night"

The bright lights of Vegas were in Amarillo this evening (Oct. 25) for a night of fun and games for grown-ups for the benefit of children. The Khiva Shrine's "Vegas Night" provided a casino-style setting for socializing and gaming to raise funds for children's hospitals. Shriners International supports free or low-cost children's hospitals, including 22 here in Texas. Our own local branch serves children and families in 37 counties across the state, providing mostly transportation to and from hospitals at no cost. Potentate Rodney Weaver says serving the Shriners is a reward in itself. "Whenever you go down to one of the Shrine hospitals - one of the 22 Shrine hospitals - and you see some of these kids walk for the first time, or you see a child that's been burned over 90 percent of their body, and they've got a smile on their face, and we're making them better, it puts a big old smile on your face," says Weaver. If you'd like to get involved or help out, you can find out how you can donate or volunteer at the links attached to this story.