Kelton ISD students gets more hands on learning

Kelton Independent School District may be small, but they're making big strides in education.

In fact, they're the only T-STEM campus in Region 16. T-STEM stands for Texas Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. It's a program giving students hands on learning, instead of using textbooks.

The program is about teachers at Kelton ISD joining forces, teaching not from a textbook, but hands on to the students.

"We take our Science and we make it lots of hands on by integrated it with other subjects in the school. So like I might integrated my project with the Math and Technology teacher," said Roy Herndon, Kelton Science Teacher.

From building robots, ecosystems, and rockets, students say they're already seeing a difference in how much they can remember and recall.

"It's better than just reading from a textbook. We get to actually interact and we actually do things," said Jessica, Kelton Junior. "The hands on affect your really get to learn it because when you're doing it, it sticks longer and you can say, like when they ask you something oh, I know that one," said Charmayne.

As for teachers, they're seeing a difference as well.

"Last year we started the T-STEM school and I think it really helped out the test scores last year. I mean, they went up in Science I even had quite a few commended in Science," said Herndon.

Another one of those hands on projects, students participated in making their own videos addressing lab safety rules. You can watch those, by clicking here.

For those not familiar with Kelton here are some facts. Kelton ISD encompasses 134 square miles in the Northeast Texas Panhandle. 142 students in grades K-12 attend school there. It was