Keep your pet safe this holiday season

Our four-legged friends are often included in holiday festivities, so veterinarians are offering some tips to keep them happy and healthy.

New people and new activity often cause stress within domestic pets. This stress can lead to stomach problems and other health issues.

According to Hope Veterinary Clinic's Dr. Yaicha Peters, "people food" is the most common cause of animal illnesses during the holiday season. Chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions and garlic are some foods she recommends no one feed their pets.

"The one that a lot of people don't think about because they think it's ok are bones," she said, "and we see a lot of problems with bones being fed intentionally and also dogs getting them out of the trash."

Many people decorate their homes like Clark Griswold's. Dr. Peters said that is fine as long as those decorations are out of reach of cats and dogs.

"Glass ornaments and tinsel- the glass, you can have concerns about breaking it and animals either trying the glass- I've seen that- or cutting themselves on it" she said. "And then tinsel- animals swallowing it and getting what's called a linear foreign body."

Dr. Peters recommends outdoor pets be kept warm and pets that are taken on road trips be given food, water and frequent potty stops.

Following these guidelines can make for a happy fuzzy friend this Christmas!