Jury: BP negligent in Texas emissions event

GALVESTON, Texas (AP) - A Galveston jury has found BP negligent in a 41-day emissions event at its Texas City refinery in 2010, but says no one was harmed by the pollution.

Jurors unanimously agreed BP PLC was responsible, but only one wanted to award damages. Most jurors say there wasn't enough evidence to link the pollution to illnesses.

The case surrounds an emissions event in 2010 in which the company said 500,000 pounds of toxic chemicals were released into the air.

The trial began Sept. 11, Three people testified, saying the pollution made them sick. This trial was designed to be a test for the remainder of the cases in the class-action suit that includes some 45,000 people.

BP also faces a $1 billion lawsuit for a 2011 emissions event.

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