Judge rules in favor of plaintiffs in AQHA cloning hearing

Late this morning Federal Judge Mary Lou Robinson announced from the bench her intention to enter a final judgment that orders the registration of clones and their offspring.

Plaintiff Attorneys Nancy Stone and Sam Stein says it is a great victory and theyâ??re very thrilled and so are their clients.

They say the Judge wanted to clean up some business, findings of fact, conclusions of law and a question of attorney fees before ordering the final judgment.

They say she expected those matters to be turned in before the close of business Wednesday.

The American Quarter Horse Association has the right to appeal.

On August 1st they announced on their website they will take "any and all necessary legal steps to overturn (the) verdict in the Abraham & Veneklasen Joint Venture et al, v. AQHA lawsuit."

That jury verdict, July 29th, ruled AQHA twice violated the Sherman Anti-trust act by prohibiting the registration of cloned horses.

Monday afternoon AQHA responded.

The said following a judgment in favor of the plaintiffs, AQHA will proceed with filing a motion that will ask the court to enter a "take nothing judgment", based on what they say is the fact that the juryâ??s verdict was not supported by the evidence entered at the trial.ã??