Juan's Project becomes a home

Family, faith, and friends, it's what Juan's project, was all about.

Juan Gallegos has been diagnosed with metastatic cancer and in his time of need, close friends, and various community members rallied behind him to complete unfinished house renovations.

"We knew there was some stuff that needed to be fixed in the house and that's what we were aiming at," said Committee Member Pete Rocha. "As we started working, getting more in depth with the house, it turned into a bigger project."

Individuals and business, donated their time and resources to the project, but behind the scenes, motivating and making sure deadlines were fulfilled was one of Juan's Angels.

"Her name is Amanda Rocha. That's Pete's wife," said Committee Member Kelly Schmidt. "Every time we started sitting around, not wanting to do the work, she came in and cracked the whip and got us to work."

"We couldn't have done it without her," said Miguel Sandoval. "She was the backbone of this entire thing."

Now that the project is complete, and all the hard work visible, committee members said there was only one thing left to see.

"I can't wait to see their faces. Their expressions, it's just going to be kind of a sentimental day," said Committee Member Matt Kirkeeng.

"It's going to be good for him to be home and just relax, and not have to worry about the house anymore," said Rocha.

A sentimental day it was, from the minute the Gallegos family arrived at their home various emotions were apparent on everyone's faces.

"We were very overwhelmed. Came out good, we weren't expecting it to come out like this," said Home Owner Juan Gallegos.

Gallegos said he is extremely blessed and, thankful to everyone who has contributed to making their house a home.

"It's just going to allow us to be closer together," said Gallegos. "It will let us quit worrying about what is going to happen next or I got to get this done, I got to get that done. No more worries."