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      JoJo's Treasure Chest collects stuffed animals for Amarillo children

      T he project's Facebook page reads , "What do you do when your 7-year-old daughter has a dream..." and with her daughter's dream in mind, Tai Palomino had no choice but to help her achieve it.

      " I t's called JoJo's because her nickname is JoJo, and we were in the car one day, and she asked if we could give toys and stuffed animals to homeless children, and I said 'yes,' and she said, 'We don't have enough,' so I told her we'd get enough," Palomino said.

      JoJo is the youngest of four children and Palomino said while her other children are thinking about what to ask for during the holidays, JoJo's only concern is others.

      J o J o's mom started to collect toys and stuffed animals within her family, but she soon turned to social media and created a Facebook page to take her daughter's project to the next level. Jojo's answer was simple when I asked her where she came up with the idea to start JoJo's Treasure Chest.

      " B ecause some kids don't have stuffed animals , " she said.

      J o J o's mom says they collect pretty much anything when it comes to toys and stuffed animals. They wash, sanitize and repair them if need be, but for these two, it's about more than just the giving of toys.

      " D uring the Christmas season they (needy children) get lots of help, but the rest of the year they don't get a whole lot." she said. "So we want to fill in that gap, and give to children that have been abused, children who really just need to know someone else is thinking of them and loves them also."

      J o J o's mom also said the project is working with the Bridge, Red Cross and local hospitals to get the toys and stuffed animals to children as soon as possible. People from parts of New Mexico have also started to send bags of stuffed animals to help JoJo's cause.