Johnny Ray Klein to serve 15 years for cold case murder

A plea hearing for a cold case has led to a guilty plea.

Johnny Ray Klein entered a plea of guilty in the murder of Florencio Calzeda, some 25 years after the murder.

The plea of guilty will have Klein serving a 15 year sentence within the Texas Department of Corrections.

Calzada was found next to his vehicle in a remote location in I-27 and Wayside Road in Randall County. He had been shot twice in the back of the head with a .22 caliber weapon.

The case remained cold for years due to the lack of physical evidence and no suspects.

Special Crimes Homicide investigator Kevin Dockery received a tip concerning Johnny Ray Klein, who became the main suspect in the case.

The investigation lead to other witnesses who claimed the Klein made admissions to the murder.

Private investigator Darrell Dewey was retained by APD homocide unit to assist in the investigation.

"This is the oldest cold case I've prosecuted." said Randall County Prosecutor James Farren.

Klein was arrested in Witchita Falls in 2010 for the murder, and later moved to Randall County for prosecution.