Jimmy Wayne's, Meet Me Halfway campaign

Country music recording artist, Jimmy Wayne stopped in Amarillo Saturday as a part of a celebration marking the halfway point of his "Meet Me Half Way" campaign. Wayne is walking from Nashville to Phoenix raising money for teens at risk of becoming homeless.

Here locally his efforts will benefit the Rainbow Room, a local organization that provides services for teens in our area.

Wayne signed autographs, posed for pictures, and even sang a few songs for the crowd that welcomed him at the Hastings on Georgia St. here in Amarillo.

He started walking on January 1st in Nashville, and he's covered 977 miles in 93 days so far.

Wayne himself was a homeless teenager at one time before he was taken in and given a home, education, and a launching point into his career. It's that experience and a desire to give back that has led him to this fundraiser walk across America.

"Meet me halfway, it's a campaign to raise awareness for at risk teens who are aging out of the system who may become homeless. There are facilities out here for these kids but they need resources, they need us to help them keep their doors open," said Jimmy Wayne.

For more information about Jimmy Wayne and his campaign check out the link provided below.