Jesse and Nicolette continue to wait for a big brother and sister

This week's Waiting Child is a recap of two kids you've already met, but they're still waiting to be matched with a big. Jesse and Nicolette need people to come forward and volunteer. Both want someone they can look up to and do fun things with.

12-year old Jesse is a 7th grader at Crockett Middle School. One of the first things you'll notice about him is he's a smart cookie, loving all things Science.

"I like to play chess, fish, and play video games," said Jesse. He says he's looking for a big that shares similar interest. "May be take me fishing or go to the movies or go bowling".

So why does he want a big brother? "To have someone to do things that mom don't do." 6:46"What kind of qualities would you like your big brother to have? Kind, smart".

Then there's 2nd grader Nicolette. She's a little shy, but as sweet and kind as they get. She loves music, running, swimming, and watching her favorite TV show.

"I also like to watch TV. Really, what's your favorite cartoon? Mostly I watch Spongebob. It's funny huh? Do you like Patrick or Spongebob more? Spongebob. He's the main character and he's funny," said Nicolette.

When it comes to being her big sister, she says she has a few requirements.

"I would like her to be really nice. What other things? And someone that I like the way I am."2:27"I would like if she likes dogs like I do."4:43"I really like to see if she could come and see that I'm really cute".

The Big Brothers Big Sisters organization is always looking for volunteers. You can call them at 351-220 to do that.