Izms among newest synthetic drug trend

Synthetic drugs have various names and vibrant packaging.

Despite the bright and colorful packaging and various names, synthetic drugs are all leafy substances sprayed with poisonous chemicals.

"Izms" is the newest synthetic marijuana to hit the market.

Lavisa Matthews with Impact Futures said there is a definite trend when it comes to new drugs.

"New drugs come out and it has new packaging and a new name and everyone will start buying it. Then all of a sudden, you'll see a whole bunch of deaths or a whole bunch of hospitalizations," Matthews said.

Chelsea Chavez, a peer educator at West Texas A&M University said students aren't aware of just how dangerous the mix of chemicals can be.

"We took a survey on our campus and realized people don't think they're dangerous because they're manmade," Chavez said.

She also said the fact that they are easily obtainable at smoke shops or online makes them more popular.

The chemical compounds used in synthetic marijuana can cause anything from blindness, erratic behavior to death.

So far, 53 synthetic compounds have been made illegal but by simply switching one chemical, it becomes a new product that has not yet been banned.

Matthews said that teens and young adults believe "if it's legal, it's safe."