It's starting to look like Christmas

I f you're one of those people who didn't go out to brave the crowds this Black Friday, maybe you decided to spend some time putting the lights and decorations around your house.

As Pronews 7 found out, that decorating idea is a business idea, too.

Even before turkey day got here, people were planning, buying, and getting ready to decorate for Christmas. From stringing lights, to decorating wreaths, the holiday is shaping up.

"Right now, we're stringing red balls on the garland and we've already strung it with little red lights and then we're going to string it with bigger red lights and then we're going to hang them up on the columns , " said Brian Burkett, Fredd & Company employee.

"Am chopping at the bit you know, when stuff comes in and it's about a month before product starts coming in and I open it up and I just can't wait to place it and play with it , " said Robb Brorman, Fredd & Company Designer.

An interior designer, Brorman says this is the busiest time of the year for him. From finding the perfect decorations to creating the perfect holiday accent.

"The week right before Thanksgiving and then right after Thanksgiving is our busiest time , " said Burkett.

But Fredd & Company is not alone. It's also the perfect opportunity for lawn services, crippled by the severe drought this summer, to keep their businesses booming, or for anybody who wants to make a little bit of extra cash.

When the glow of Christmas lights will fill our neighborhoods once again.

Of course, this weekend is the perfect time to get those Christmas decorations since most are on sale.