Is Your Personal Data Safe?

As part of his 2014 agenda, President Obama said the government has to strongly consider outsourcing as a way to effectively store and secure the personal information of millions of Americans.

"The American people have to be able to trust their personal data is always safe and never in the wrong hands," said President Obama.

The President has tasked Attorney General Eric Holder and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper with devising a plan to move phone records and other personal information out of the hands of the government.

An option could be a third party or company stepping in to store and protect personal data from hackers and other outside sources that are considered cyber threats.

"Who would be in charge of this?" said Danielle Kiper. "It's hard to trust anything the government does and we always hear about companies being corrupt or having their own problems."

Kiper's comments were part of my weekly installment of Say What! I asked local Pronews 7 viewers for their opinions concerning Americans' personal information and the possibility of a third party keeping them safe from hackers and on line criminals.

"I understand the intent to get this right," said Dexter Cearley. "But I'm not sure the government can find the right company to get it done. But maybe the competition to have the contract is a good thing."

"I don't trust it," said Hannah Huff. "We just found out recently how often we spy on the Russians and other countries spy on us. This could be worse."

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