Is this doll cursing?

Many think this baby doll is cursing / Pronews 7

With Christmas only six weeks away, parents will be hitting toy stores nationwide to buy the hottest and most popular new toys on the shelves.

But what if one of those toys was cursing at you from the shelf?

Well there is one baby doll that could be heard as doing just that.

While the recording is in baby talk, some think if you listen close enough you can hear the word in question being said.

"The doll appears to be cursing," said Mother of two, Kaycee Jesko. "Not only the subliminal part of it but the repetitive part of my two year old, because she repeats everything, so I certainly don't need a doll teaching her bad language."

However since it's in baby talk, it is now up to the manufacturer to make the decision on whether or not to recall it the doll in question.

"It's a manufacturer issue, apparently the manufacturer had a problem with this specific doll or specific batch of dolls and if they issue a recall the stores abide by that recall notice," said Janna Kiehl of the Better Business Bureau.

It's that uncertainty, why Kaycee says you need to research your child's toys before buying them.

"I would recommend that all parents test out all the toys, if it's not working on the shelf so you can't test it properly, then make sure you make the manager get you one that does have a proper try me button because that would obviously be something you'd want to know before."

Kiehl agrees with that sentiment.

"Consumers are ultimately responsible for their purchases. That includes doing research and reading reviews ahead of time and checking on the company to make sure they have a good rating, and also asking the company what their return or refund policy might be.

Another thing Kiehl stressed was the important of holding onto your receipt and knowing the stores return or refund policies up front as a way to protect you.