Is there an increase in gang activity?

Like it or not, gang activity is alive and well here in Amarillo.

From graffiti, drugs and the occasional drive-by shootings. But is the amount of such activity increasing?

It's a question Pronews 7 took to

Amarillo Police


"We do have gang activity. I by no means, can say we have a lot of it, I won't say we have a little of it. We do have gang activity. We have gang members, we've got gang graffiti. Is it running rampant and out of control? Absolutely not," said Cpl. Jerry Neufeld, Amarillo Police Department.

You'll find signs of gang activity written on the walls of businesses around the city. While there's not a drive-by shooting every weekend, they do happen occasionally, and so does drug activity.

So the police department keeps a watchful eye.

"We've got a unit that really watches and monitors them, the best that they can in conjunction with their other jobs. So, you know, we try to stay on top of them the best we can. They usually knows who's having problems with who and they're constantly talking to these guys," said Cpl. Neufeld.

So what about when something big happens with the several gangs in town? Cpl. Neufeld says, it's simple, they increase patrols.

"If we see a hot spot patrolling or something or something we're seeing in an area or a problem that's going on we may direct their focus on that and really get these guys as well as field officers to watch for certain people and activities or an area or something like that".

You may be wondering, is there a need to be concerned? According to APD, it really isn't something you should be worried about.

"Generally gang activity is not going to affect joe citizen out there. Because, unless they're dealing in drugs and involved in a gang themselves where they're having this rival fighting going back and forth, they will have no inter action with them."

But as our men and women at the police station and the sheriff's department are keeping a watchful eye, so should you. They advice if you see any suspicious activity to call authorities immediately.