Is the tax free weekend worth it?

As you start mapping out your shopping game plan for the weekend, you can also look around for other coupons and special deals to stretch your dollar even further...and the savings you see also mean an economic boost for local businesses as well.

Whether it's shoes or school supplies or just finding a deal over the tax free holiday...there will be shoppers out all over the place hoping to save a few bucks here and there.

Back in April, we asked viewers about the tax free weekend, and 81 percent said they weren't going shopping at all.

Now, with little good economic news since then including last week on Wall street, more shoppers are expected to take advantage of any savings they can find, according to Josh Wood, with Wood financial.

"More now than in a while. People are watching every penny and if they want to save an extra 8%, its good to to that."

Not only does it give your pocket book a break, but it also helps out the economy, because the only group missing out is the government.

"I think it's a decent little economic gimmick, not only does it help retail outlets to get new customers and sell new products.

But you have to balance that out with if they announced a nationwide 8% off sale, you'd argue that maybe not as many people would show up for an 8% off sale but they get pretty excited about tax free," said Wood.

And since nothing in life is free, the trade off will probably result in a few extra minutes waiting in line for the extra savings you receive.

For a complete list of the items you can save on, click here.