IRS telephone scam targets taxpayers

Representatives from Brown, Graham & Company warn local taxpayers that the IRS will not contact persons via telephone.

Tax season and tax returns mean more money right? Wrong, at least this year with the latest Internal Revenue Service (IRS) telephone scam .

A 2-0-2 area code usually signifies Washington D.C., but scammers are doing anything and everything to get taxpayers to give up their money.

Representatives from Brown Graham & Company, P.C., a local accounting and consulting firm say in addition to fake numbers, scammers are even using fake names and IRS badge numbers.

"These scammers are sophisticated," Judy Stark with Brown Graham & Company said. "They also have all the appropriate information to go along with it."

Scammers are calling taxpayers, accusing them of owing money and demanding automatic payment. They also threaten to seize property and bank accounts.

Stark said if the IRS is going to contact taxpayers, it's going to be via postal service. She also said the IRS wouldn't contact taxpayers with problems concerning the current year's tax return.

According to an IRS document scammers usually have a majority of taxpayers personal information, including social security numbers and addresses.