Investigation is still underway for Town Square Village fire

The fire engulfed Building Four of the Town Square Village development Monday evening. Firefighters were able to contain the fire to just one building. At this point, there is no exact number on the damage assessment.

Fire officials arrived to the scene of an entire building of the Town Square Village development engulfed in flames. Upon arrival, fire officials knew that their goal would be containment since the building was already a complete loss.

â??Yea, initially, because of the intensity of the fire and the involvement in the building, it was pretty much a total loss,â?? said Captain Dana Havlik of the Amarillo Fire Department. â??Our main concern was to protect the surrounding buildings and exposure to make sure that nothing happened to any other property in the area.â??

Nine initial units responded for a total of about 30 personnel on scene. A few additional units were added as the fire grew to control the sparks and embers flying from the building to keep them from spreading. In total around 50 fire personnel were on scene at any given time.

â??In a building like this, there is a lot of exposed wood, a lot of exposed fuel, and that creates a lot of intensity and really fast flame spread and fire growth,â?? said Havlik. â??Any time you have a building under construction, the building is going to tend to burn quicker and faster and it makes it harder to control.â??

Williams Group is the group behind the development of the multimillion dollar multi-use project. Noah Williams, managing partner of Town Square Village, was busy on the location and said that he and the subcontractors and crews were ready to move forward.

â??You know, it is what it is. I canâ??t do anything about it. Youâ??ve just got to roll up your sleeves and get everybody on the â??Game Plan Bâ?? and get back to work,â?? said Williams.

Williams said that when he first initially received the call, his fears were the safety of the workers and whether or not the fire would spread to all of the buildings.

â??I was sitting there, watching it burn, and just hoping that all the hard work that all these guys have put in, all the time and effort, just blood, sweat, and tears, hoping we could at least save something. And luckily it just stayed to one building and we still have the other building that everyone is working on today,â?? said Williams.

All of the crews from the day before were back at work starting six a.m. Tuesday morning to try and move along the pace of the salvaged building. That building was already a few months behind from Building Four, the one that was lost in the fire. Building Four was supposed to reach completion in October and some areas had already been preleased to future tenants.

Williams said there is no way of giving a number for damage assessment since that will include clean up and demolition and the cost of starting construction again on the building. The investigation is still underway and fire officials said they will not have an answer for a while since it is still unsafe for anyone to enter the damaged building.