Investigation continues into fatal crash involving officer

A dditional information is needed in the investigation of a Clovis police officer that was involved in a fatal crash. On November 17, officer Steve Gallegos, struck a pickup killing 56-year-old Mary Castillo.

The wreck is currently under investigation, in order to determine if the officer will face criminal charges or citations for the crash.

On Friday, December 3, District Attorney Matthew Chandler met with Clovis Police Chief Sanders and crash scene investigators to review the findings of the crash. However, it was determined at the meeting that before any legal conclusion can be made the District Attorney's Office and investigators need additional information.

District Attorney Matthew Chandler stated, "Law enforcement has completed the crash reconstruction of the fatality and it appears that excessive speed and lack of attentiveness on the officer's part played a role in the crash.

However, to finalize the investigation we also need test results of blood drawn from those involved in the crash, cellular phone records of the officer involved, and the medical records of those that were injured in the crash. It could take approximately 30 days to obtain these necessary tests and reports, and issuing any legal opinion prior to receiving this information would be premature on my part. "

When the additional information is made available the District Attorney's Office will then determine what charges will be filed in the crash investigation.

No further information is available at this time due to the ongoing investigation. However, the Clovis Police Department and District Attorney's Office will make any public document available to the media upon request at the conclusion of the investigation.