Insurance tips for extreme spring weather.

Amarillo has not yet recovered from last yearâ??s storm and the widespread devastation from that storm has meant that many people are not prepared for what this year may bring. Many Amarillo residents have not yet completed all of their repairs, because of the lack of available contractors.

Scott McDonald, a building official for the City of Amarillo said that while there have been 25,000 roof permits to date, there's probably another 10,000 to go. If find yourself among those who still have repairs pending, and your house isnâ??t ready for the extreme weather, you may want to rush to finish, so that you have a clean claim in the event your property were to get damaged again in this yearsâ?? spring season of extreme weather.

Jeff Neely Jr of NC&W Insurance says that having the â??replacement costâ?? clause in your insurance policy is something to check for in your policy , as youâ??ll have less out of pocket expenses in the event of a catastrophe.

Like every spring, we could see more extreme weather. In order to prepare for these unforeseen events, double check that you have adequate coverage that properly insures your home and automobile, in order to protect yourself for our peak disaster season.

Before disaster strikes, ask your insurance agent what is covered under your homeownerâ??s and auto policies.