Ink Life Tour showcases young talent

Tattoo artist Chris Hernandez sketches most tattoos on paper before he puts ideas to skin.

The Ink Life Tour may feature the best-of-the-best of tattoo artists, but before they became big names it seems their journeys began as children.

Tattoo artist Chris Hernandez said, he's been rubbing ink for three years, but it's been a part of his life since he was a child.

"It's just cool, you're a little kid, you see all this stuff and it just makes you want to do it," Hernandez said.

Now the House of Pain tattoo artist is getting a feel for life on the road with the Ink Life Tour.

He said the term "artist" runs in the family, as his uncles, also tattoo artists sparked a passion for ink in Hernandez.

"I started cleaning the shop, doing paperwork, breaking down and setting up the tools for the dudes," Hernandez said.

Hernandez said his process from thought to paper, paper to ink and ink onto every individual still continues to be a learning curve.

The youngest artist at the show is 10-year-old Pagyn McIntyre. Though she's too young to carry a tattoo license, she's starting with Sharpies. She said it's not just the art, it's the people who have her interested in the trait.

"It's the drawing and the different people and seeing what they like," McIntyre said.

McIntyre travels with her parents to different tattoo shows. She's said, she's building a portfolio to prove the hype is real, even with the biggest names in the business in the same room.

"Iâ??m not nervous at all," McIntire said. "This is just a normal weekend for me."

The tour will make a total of six stops in Texas.