Ink Life Tour continues to grow in Amarillo

Its largest tattoo and musical festival in the country, the Ink Life tour made it first stop in Amarillo this weekend.

"Amarillo, we love Amarillo! The artist love it, it's so warm and welcoming," said George Galindo Tour Co-Founder. "Everybody is so accepting to everything. They're anxious to come every year, and personally I love Amarillo. It's one of our biggest shows, we always look forward to it and that's why we put it first on the tour every year."

Galindo says that they know for a fact that they have doubled in size and that next year Amarillo can expect three times the size of this year's show.

It's that change that will move the tour to inside the coliseum.

"The first year when the door opened maybe 25-30 people lined up, the second year it was 100 this year we sold out five weeks prior, out of weekend passes. There were 383 people waiting to get in," said Puppet Primal Instinct Tattoo Artist.

"The kick off in Amarillo has by far been one of the best shows, the people, the community, the city, the surrounding cities, they all come together to celebrate our art forms," said Puppet. "Even the people that are not getting tattoos graciously give us compliments, treat us well, and welcome us with open arms."

Popular artist like Mushroom Head, Drowning Pool and (HED) P.E., are entertaining the audience this weekend.

Over 100 tattoo artist from around the country, and even from popular television shows like, Ink Master and LA Ink offered their services to the public.

"I watched the TV show last year, but I watched most of it this past season and all the art and stuff was pretty sick, so I decided to get one," said Jeff Chapparo Amarillo Resident.

The combination of good artist, good people and entertainment is what tour promoters say make this event a success.

Ink Life Tour schedule

Saturday: noon- 11:30p.m

Sunday: noon- 9:00p.m