Infant shot Thursday dies

A 22-month-old infant has died after being shot last Thursday.

According to Amarillo Police, Danica Nicole Bowles was declared dead Sunday afternoon, her next of kin decided to make a life gift of Danica's organs.

The child was taken to the hospital last Thursday after being shot once in the head. Investigators believe the children found a gun in a closet, started playing with it when a child under the age of 10 fired the weapon. Bowles was struck once in the head, the child who fired the shot is not criminally responsible because of their age. Two adults were home at the time of the shooting but were outside when the incident happened.

Police would like to remind everyone to unload their weapons, lock them in a secure place or place a trigger lock on them when children are in the home.For more information on keeping your child safe from guns in the home or to find out how you could get a gun safety kit click here.