Industries top list of biggest water consumers in area

Every drop counts when it comes to conserving water. However, residents are not responsible for the large number of water being used on a day to day basis. Industries are.

â??We have several industries in town that are the largest consumers of water and of course they require water for their product,â?? said the cityâ??s Director of Utilities, Emmett Autrey. â??They require water for in some cases for cooling water and some of them use water to produce their end product.â??

The industries that consume the most water range from varies different companies.

â??Some of them are hospitals, some of them are large apartment complexes and in the city of Amarillo,â?? said Autrey. â??The Independent School District uses quite a bit of outdoor watering of athletic fields and just the lawns around buildings.â??

Despite many companies large amount of water usage, some of them have found ways to cut back on the amount they use. Hospitals like Baptist St. Anthonyâ??s Hospital pride themselves on their efforts to conserve as much water as possible.

â??We do a lot of water recycling out of specialty water production areas that require a very sterile, very pure type of water,â?? said Director of Facility Services at Baptist St. Anthonyâ??s Hospital, John McKissack.

For procedures like dialysis that produce a lot of excess water, the hospital doesnâ??t allow any of it to go to waste and puts it to other use.

â??We take that, recycle it and use that in our recycling cooling towers,â?? said McKissack. â??Rather than pumping right out of the city lines for our cooling towers, weâ??re able to recycle out of some of the systems in house.â??

Hospitals arenâ??t the only places trying to save with their water usage. Local restaurants like Fire Slice have been trying to do their in conserving water. The restaurant holds off in providing guest with water unless they request it. They do this in trying to cut back on how much water goes to waste.

â??I think thatâ??s one thing we try to be focused on here seeing as though we are a locally owned family run business. We want to help the community as much as possible,â?? said Fire Slice manager, Joe Mooney. â??Thatâ??s really what we strive to do here at Fire Slice. To keep dollars local, keep a conservation minded approach to our restaurant.â??

Not only do they cut back in the water they hand out, but the restaurant also cuts back on how much water they use when trying to defrost products.

â??Anything instead of actually thawing it out in the water. We try to pull it out a few days in advance to let it thaw out on its own in a cooler,â?? said Mooney. â??Of course with the health code, but thatâ??s most ways I think that we probably conserve water here at Fire Slice.â??

While many companies understand just how much water they use on a day to day basis, some of them work to ensure that none of it goes to waste.

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