Indie Film about Star Trek Convention being filmed at KVII

Star Trek documentary interview

Tags-Way back in 1982, Star Trek II, "The Wrath of Khan" premiered and following that successful launch just two weeks later, there was a huge convention dubbed the "Ultimate Fantasy" with all the film's stars in attendance taking place at the Shamrock Hilton in Houston.

One of the most recognized names in Star Trek Fandom, Larry Nemecek was at that convention and recalls how the whole event started unraveling from the beginning.

"And I remember that there were dozens if not hundreds of people sitting on their suitcases, not being able to get in their rooms. And there was talk about the show not being sold out and it (the Ultimate Fantasy) was basically bankrupt."

This was billed as one of the biggest and best cons ever....and was quickly turning into the biggest fiascos. Non payment to the dealers and stars, tickets not being sold to the big celebrity show...and since it followed on the heels of the move, "The Wrath of Con", it wasn't long before the event's name morphed, into the "Con of Wrath."

There has been so much talked and written about this debacle, that Larry decided to shoot a documentary about traveled to the Panhandle hoping to interview others who were at the con.

I wanted to interview fans, and now you can even upload your interview but I am picking up some if I happen to be in an area."

And he's not just interviewing fans, he's going after the stars as well. Walter Koeing, who plays Chekhov recalled the event...

"And we saw the billboards as we drove through Houston and we thought, 'This was going to be great, it was going to be an event."

He's also talked to George Takei better know as Sulu...

"And I'm learning more about it from you, because you're an archivist."

"Whether or not it was becoming the ultimate disaster and whether it was going to fall on the shoulders of the celebrities.

Theof JImmy Doohan who played Scotty has been tapped as well as producer and writer Harve Bennett who vividly recalls how Deforest Kelly, who played Bones reacted to the news that the con was falling apart at the seams.

"And Bones, Bones comes up to me and says, 'You have to save us!"

So, Larry's has trekked all over the nation looking for those celebrities and fans who can recall their experiences at the Ultimate Flop.

"And I run into people who say, they've never heard of it and that's when I thought this needs to be preserved."

He found three people in the Texas Panhandle who were at the show, but unfortunately he couldn't get back in touch with the couple who live in Hereford, which meant there was only one other person he could locate.

"You, were part of that crew that went down (to Houston). You, our friend Cody and my little brother Gary all went down to experience the Ultimate Fantasy."

He's still looking for more interviews, including some of stars of the Star Trek, boldy going where no other film maker has gone before.

A release date for the film with ties to the Panhandle is still to be determined. He's got a facbook page, "The Con of Wrath" along with a website, where you can read more, sign up to be interviewed, or even make a donation to help him make his independent documentary.