Impact Futures works with law enforcement to stop drinking and driving

There have been 36 DUI arrests in Potter County so far this year. Alcohol was a factor in two fatal accidents in the past two weeks.



County Sheriff's Office said the numbers aren't all that alarming.


hat's shocking is perhaps the times of day some of the
DUIs have been... or the suspect alcohol related crashes have been happening, which is something quite out of the norm," said Brian Thomas, Potter County Sheriff's Office.

Some of the alcohol related crashes have been in the morning.


Futures is a substance abuse awareness coalition that worked with the sheriff's department to keep intoxicated drivers off the roads.

They provided an $8,000 grant to the sheriff's office for officers to crack down on DUIs.

The money from the grant paid for seven officers to work overtime. This four month crackdown led to 16 DUI arrests.

During these arrests, officers found other offenses as well.

Impact Futures believes preventative measures are crucial.


revention is a

lot better than trying to pick up the pieces later. so for every dollar you spend on prevention, you are saving
$7 to $10 in treatment or cleaning up the mess," said LaVisa Matthews, director of Impact Futures.


hey hope to provide a grant to the
Randall County Sheriff's Department next year and Amarillo Police Department.